behind the hair

As I said (or think I said... I don't remember) in one of the first posts, I've had many other versions of blogs and such, but I've never felt quite right with them. All the previous blog attempts were focused on one thing or another, and although great in theory, my mind and musings usually don't fall along one track or theme. So whenever I made a post I'd attempt to twist and and turn it to fit the blog, but it never quite fit.

Then I decided (thanks to the inspiration from my hubby) to create my own little corner of the world wide web. Here is where I can be 100% me, myself and I.

So, exactly what does that entail?

Well, the long and the short of it is I'm your typical twenty-something, nearly newly wed, Downtown Kansas City dweller. Living in the heart of the city with my wonderful hubby, Josef, and our three four-legged, furry companions.

The not-so-typical part of me is my more theatrical side. I am one of those crazy theater kids that just never quite grew up. Thankfully, people now pay me to do what I discovered I loved doing while in school (yay!) I've traveled this lovely country performing, as well as have had the pleasure of working with quite a few fabulous companies locally.

Along with theater, I sing, play the flute (well, somewhat do... it's been a while since I've picked that up... probably will cause a noise complaint or two from neighbors... hehehe...), and most recently have joined the ranks of some amazingly talented performers in the wonderful world of burlesque.

That combined with my "day job" of being a nanny and a newly discovered love of running, and just general musings I can promise these pages will provide some level of entertainment. So stick around, read a bit, leave a note or three and please visit again!