November 3, 2012


On the first day of this attempt to keep up with the blog on a daily basis for a whopping month I wrote down some potential inspirations for times such as this. Sitting down at the keyboard to fulfil the task at hand and......



Quite literally nothing worth any merit or promise of becoming something worthy of rambling on for a few paragraphs has crossed into my mind. No, wait... nope, still nada.

It's funny, sitting here in this predicament immediately transports me to my Writers Workshop class in high school. Still by far one of my favorite classes I've ever had the opportunity to take. It's a joy even now, going back and reading some of my pieces (not all, mind you, my god there was some crap that came out in written form then- yay "angsty" teenage years), seeing what came out of me sometimes literally out of nothing. One of the daily assignments was our free write. Or free flow of conscience as some may say. Just start writing is what Miss H would tell us. Sometimes the writing would end up being a full on rant about the test I had taken the hou before and sometimes it would morph itself into a piece of poetry or the bare bones of a short story.

Genuinely amazing what you can come up with when you have "nothing" on your mind.

Nothing is an interesting concept. Numerically/mathematically it exists, but, as the kiddoes I nanny for and I started joking around about, one can not actually be doing "nothing." You are literally always doing "something."

We were in the kitchen and I must have asked "whatcha doing?" And as anyone who has ever asked a kid that question (similar to the "what did you do in school today?" inquiry) the expected response came. "Nothing." The response started a silly little back and forth between us that I cannot quite recall verbatim at this moment (c'mon, it's late), but just thinking of it now still makes me smile.

Such a commonly used word and yet, rarely is it truly applicable to the question or situation. Think you're just sitting there, doing "nothing?" You're wrong.

For one, hopefully you're actually reading this (although if you've given up about two paragraphs in I completley understand... I did warn you I had nothing of consequence really to offer today). Secondly, you're sitting. Maybe lounging. Or maybe driving.

P.S. If you are driving while reading, please stop reading. I promise you, whatever I have to say can wait to be read until you are safe and sound and stopped. Seriously. Stop. Now. Thank you :)

Third, you're living. Or a very talented, technologically inclined apparaition.

See? And you thought you were doing nothing. Don't you feel much more productive?

No? Well, what can I say... I got nothin.'

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