November 4, 2012

Falling Back

Well looky here, four for four. Not too shabby there :)

Anyway, today is the day we "gain" an hour- yay. Well, yay for in the morning of the day when you gain the hour, but not so much yay for it being dark at 6pm. I am so not ready for the winter months. Don't get me wrong, I actually am one of those weird people who literally love something about every single season, but the early darkness is definitely something I could do without.

Since today we "fall back," it makes me think that with this new part of the year and nearing the time when a lot of people fall back into old habits (ie, eating much more because it's colder, not running as much because of said cold/dark/whatever, etc... ok, by people I did mean me) that I am going to make a consorted effort to not fall back on anything.

Although I've been forced to take a break longer than intended from running, I'm not gong to fall back into the habit of not doing it. I love what running does for me on all levels, physical and mental, and don't want to lose any of the ground I've gained by it.

Another habit I need to actually fall more back in to is singing on a consistant basis (or ya know, actually practicing for more than just an upcoming audition or lesson). I finally have gotten myself back into lessons and it's amazing. I love the literal high feeling I get when I sing and it's just in the right placement and everything. I have an audition tomorrow that I just finished practicing for and I'm sitting here with my head up in the clouds. When you can do that sort of thing for yourself I seriously question why anyone does drugs. Natural, self induced high? Yes, please!

Having said that though, I do have some other prep work to do for a few other things this week audition and rehearsal-wise, so I must cut this short, but I didn't want to miss out on at least jotting down a few thoughts and falling out of the habit I've started from the past four days.

I will leave it with one final thought, I hope you don't fall back into bad habits, and only continue on for the better :)

Have a happy week everyone!

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