November 2, 2012

Coming Full Circle

A few years ago (ok, so maybe a little longer ago than I actually realize... wow, time flies) I had a desk job. As part of the way to make it a little more fun we would try and find reasons to bring food into the office. Ya know, the same thing that I'm fairly sure every single person who works in an office, and why most everyone seems to gain the extra desk job pounds.

One of the things I would do was find random, fun "holidays." Seriously, there are some crazy days that have been deemed worth of celebrating. Bean Day (January 6), Lumpy Rug Day (May 3), Moldy Cheese Day (October 9) to name a few (if you want to see more, visit here).

Well, today, November 2, 2012 is *drumroll* Look for Circles Day.

Oh, that's right. Look for Circles Day. Obviously something worth celebrating.

Now, whether you decide to look for the literal circles in the world, or if you decide to make it a little deeper and metaphorical, I think you'll be surprised how many circles one can find in a day. Or heck, just look around where you are sitting at this moment. Go ahead, look. Just sitting here at my desk typing away I've found 56. No, wait, 57. 58. Ok, maybe I should keep counting.

It's actually kind of amazing how many circles you can find just in every day life. Kind of reminds me of sitting in the back yard as a kid in search of one thing in particular. Whether it be a bug, or a clover or whatever the choice object was for the day. As soon as you find one they are absolutely everywhere.

I guess this day isn't so much about just looking for circles, it's about taking a moment to actually observe things in our lives and really see. How many times do we look at things or places but not actually see anything.

Oh, 59 and 60!

So, if you decide to take a moment to really look and see the circles around you (I suggest you do, seriously, it's quite fun), or if you just choose to really see and observe and notice your surroundings, I think you'll find yourself quite surprised with what you find.

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