November 5, 2012


Sitting here searching for a topic which to write about tonight in an attempt to continue this craziness of posting once a day for a month (5 days in... yeah, gonna need to find some further inspiration other than truly inward whatnot otherwise we're going to default to song lyrics and no one wants that), I asked my husband for suggestions.

His first suggestion was a decent one, but I genuinely don't want to write a post about political stuff going on. The last thing the world needs is another persons opinion about all the election whatnot. The only thing I will say is I hope we have an answer by the end of tomorrow and it won't have to drag out unending like similar past elections that were this high profile.

The second suggestion is well, oddly funny. Ok, well, to me at least.

We have three very sweet four legged, furry "children" in our house- two kitties and a pup. Each with a very distinct personality and very much their own. The one trait however that binds them all is bed. They all love bed. Especially early bed. It's only 9pm right now and all animals are dozing, and one (the pup) is currently in bed. Now, it'll take at least one of the humans in the house to actually get in bed before the animals join, but as soon as one of us shows any interest in climbing beneath the sheets, it's guarateed they will join.

And really, it's not just the animals that have a love for early bed. There is nothing quite like the luxury of an early bed time.

Isn't is funny that something so simple can be so great? And funnier because as kids the last thing we wanted to do was go to bed, early or not. Oh, how priorities change.

November 4, 2012

Falling Back

Well looky here, four for four. Not too shabby there :)

Anyway, today is the day we "gain" an hour- yay. Well, yay for in the morning of the day when you gain the hour, but not so much yay for it being dark at 6pm. I am so not ready for the winter months. Don't get me wrong, I actually am one of those weird people who literally love something about every single season, but the early darkness is definitely something I could do without.

Since today we "fall back," it makes me think that with this new part of the year and nearing the time when a lot of people fall back into old habits (ie, eating much more because it's colder, not running as much because of said cold/dark/whatever, etc... ok, by people I did mean me) that I am going to make a consorted effort to not fall back on anything.

Although I've been forced to take a break longer than intended from running, I'm not gong to fall back into the habit of not doing it. I love what running does for me on all levels, physical and mental, and don't want to lose any of the ground I've gained by it.

Another habit I need to actually fall more back in to is singing on a consistant basis (or ya know, actually practicing for more than just an upcoming audition or lesson). I finally have gotten myself back into lessons and it's amazing. I love the literal high feeling I get when I sing and it's just in the right placement and everything. I have an audition tomorrow that I just finished practicing for and I'm sitting here with my head up in the clouds. When you can do that sort of thing for yourself I seriously question why anyone does drugs. Natural, self induced high? Yes, please!

Having said that though, I do have some other prep work to do for a few other things this week audition and rehearsal-wise, so I must cut this short, but I didn't want to miss out on at least jotting down a few thoughts and falling out of the habit I've started from the past four days.

I will leave it with one final thought, I hope you don't fall back into bad habits, and only continue on for the better :)

Have a happy week everyone!

November 3, 2012


On the first day of this attempt to keep up with the blog on a daily basis for a whopping month I wrote down some potential inspirations for times such as this. Sitting down at the keyboard to fulfil the task at hand and......



Quite literally nothing worth any merit or promise of becoming something worthy of rambling on for a few paragraphs has crossed into my mind. No, wait... nope, still nada.

It's funny, sitting here in this predicament immediately transports me to my Writers Workshop class in high school. Still by far one of my favorite classes I've ever had the opportunity to take. It's a joy even now, going back and reading some of my pieces (not all, mind you, my god there was some crap that came out in written form then- yay "angsty" teenage years), seeing what came out of me sometimes literally out of nothing. One of the daily assignments was our free write. Or free flow of conscience as some may say. Just start writing is what Miss H would tell us. Sometimes the writing would end up being a full on rant about the test I had taken the hou before and sometimes it would morph itself into a piece of poetry or the bare bones of a short story.

Genuinely amazing what you can come up with when you have "nothing" on your mind.

Nothing is an interesting concept. Numerically/mathematically it exists, but, as the kiddoes I nanny for and I started joking around about, one can not actually be doing "nothing." You are literally always doing "something."

We were in the kitchen and I must have asked "whatcha doing?" And as anyone who has ever asked a kid that question (similar to the "what did you do in school today?" inquiry) the expected response came. "Nothing." The response started a silly little back and forth between us that I cannot quite recall verbatim at this moment (c'mon, it's late), but just thinking of it now still makes me smile.

Such a commonly used word and yet, rarely is it truly applicable to the question or situation. Think you're just sitting there, doing "nothing?" You're wrong.

For one, hopefully you're actually reading this (although if you've given up about two paragraphs in I completley understand... I did warn you I had nothing of consequence really to offer today). Secondly, you're sitting. Maybe lounging. Or maybe driving.

P.S. If you are driving while reading, please stop reading. I promise you, whatever I have to say can wait to be read until you are safe and sound and stopped. Seriously. Stop. Now. Thank you :)

Third, you're living. Or a very talented, technologically inclined apparaition.

See? And you thought you were doing nothing. Don't you feel much more productive?

No? Well, what can I say... I got nothin.'

November 2, 2012

Coming Full Circle

A few years ago (ok, so maybe a little longer ago than I actually realize... wow, time flies) I had a desk job. As part of the way to make it a little more fun we would try and find reasons to bring food into the office. Ya know, the same thing that I'm fairly sure every single person who works in an office, and why most everyone seems to gain the extra desk job pounds.

One of the things I would do was find random, fun "holidays." Seriously, there are some crazy days that have been deemed worth of celebrating. Bean Day (January 6), Lumpy Rug Day (May 3), Moldy Cheese Day (October 9) to name a few (if you want to see more, visit here).

Well, today, November 2, 2012 is *drumroll* Look for Circles Day.

Oh, that's right. Look for Circles Day. Obviously something worth celebrating.

Now, whether you decide to look for the literal circles in the world, or if you decide to make it a little deeper and metaphorical, I think you'll be surprised how many circles one can find in a day. Or heck, just look around where you are sitting at this moment. Go ahead, look. Just sitting here at my desk typing away I've found 56. No, wait, 57. 58. Ok, maybe I should keep counting.

It's actually kind of amazing how many circles you can find just in every day life. Kind of reminds me of sitting in the back yard as a kid in search of one thing in particular. Whether it be a bug, or a clover or whatever the choice object was for the day. As soon as you find one they are absolutely everywhere.

I guess this day isn't so much about just looking for circles, it's about taking a moment to actually observe things in our lives and really see. How many times do we look at things or places but not actually see anything.

Oh, 59 and 60!

So, if you decide to take a moment to really look and see the circles around you (I suggest you do, seriously, it's quite fun), or if you just choose to really see and observe and notice your surroundings, I think you'll find yourself quite surprised with what you find.

November 1, 2012


I am not exactly what you would call a patient person.

Actually, scratch that. I'm incredibly patient when it comes to other people. I sort of pride myself in the fact even if I do start to lose it I am pretty good at re-centering myself, or at the very least, faking it.

Besides the million things I feel I can call myself, a nanny is one of them. I have the pleasure of spending the day hanging out/playing with/pestering a 9 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. For the majority of the time, these two are pretty darn great. However, there are times that I definitely put my patience to the test.

Most of the time this sort of challenge comes when homework is at hand, or some other project of sorts that may not be at the top priority of their minds. Honestly, most of the reason I have any level of patience (especially pertaining to the 12 year olds math homework) is because I remember how it was for me. I don't think there was a single night when math was on the to do list that I didn't end up crying out of frustration. My homework helper for this particular subject was my dad. Now, it was nothing against him, but as far as teaching someone to do math at a lower level than he is accustomed (cough cough electrical engineer cough cough) he, well, lacked a little something. He would try and teach me one way (usually the shortcut way which I now find myself using all the time), but I wouldn't understand it or would need to do it another way for the sake of the assignment. It was literally as if he was speaking Italian and all I understood was Chinese. Not quite the best of situations.

Well, when the boy has troubles with homework I find myself in his shoes, sitting at the kitchen table, staring blankly at the paper, with every ounce in me willing my brain to just "get it." If only I knew then what I know how as far as taking a breath and trying to look at something a different way.

Now, that honestly seems like a piece of cake, but that's not where I said my problem hides.

I am not good at things taking longer than I think they should for myself. Much like society, I long for that instant gratification sort of thing. Sadly, the sort of thing that just doesn't exist. However, I am starting to learn, mostly because, well, I have to.

This year I set out to be able to complete a half marathon (13.1 miles, if anyone was interested). I started with a couple of 5ks, moved on to a 10k and then last month I did what I never thought I could do. Did I train as well as I should have? Eh, probably not, and my body is definitely paying for it now. And I'm being forced into this whole "patience" crap.

Since my time was lackluster compared to what I was hoping, days after completing the race I decided I would give myself six months to get myself truly into gear, and then participate in another half. Well, my body has other plans it seems, as I am now dealing with a strained/partially torn hip flexor muscle. Let me just tell you, not fun.

What I find incredibly ironic is that it started last night, October 31, the day before I was going to start up the training for the next race.

So, instead of getting out and hitting the pavement, building the miles one at a time again, I will instead be downing the Advil and becoming good friends with ice packs. I must allow it to fully heal before I venture out again for fear of hurting it further and requiring more drastic measures to repair it (ie, surgery... eek). I, in no way, can hurry up the healing process. My body has to take it's time to do what it needs to do so I can do what I want to do.

I must. have. patience.