October 30, 2012


Ok, so here is the umpteenth entry that begins with the whole "oh, I've been away for so long" blah de blah, blah, blah, blah.

Yes, I'm quite awful at this whole consistant blogging whatnot, but at least for November I'm going to give it a shot. Per usual, the desire to re-start blogging has been inspired by others. My dear friend, fellow burlyq girlie and amazing songstress (and teacher!), has started her own, so I figured I'd dust off my keyboard for things other than Facebook stalking browsing and actually make some decent use of my time.

As an additional push towards actually doing the writing I claim I'm going to start, I decided to sign myself up for NaBloPoMo for November, 2012. Not familiar? Check it out.

Now, normally, this nifty thing-a-ma-jig is semi inspirational on it's own. For each month, you take  on the challenge to write about something. Now, in order to offer a launching pad for those of us who sometimes aren't quite sure what to write about, yet need to produce something in written form due to signing up for said thing-a-ma-jig, they usually offer a theme for each month. This months theme: type your heart out, blogging for blogging's sake.


When I first saw this (of course, AFTER I put my blog down for the blogroll *grumblegrumblegrumble*), I let out an audible groan, followed by an eyeroll. However, after my little bit of "wtf, I'm not going to be told what to write about?" (although they will be providing prompts during the week, leaving the weekend to us) I took it as a sign.

Recently some of the best decisions I've made have been inspired by others or outside sources. While all well and grand, the one thing I need to work on is finding inspiration within myself. Considering the life I've decided to live, the drive that really pushes myself into doing what I need to do needs to come from, well, myself. So, thank you, NaBloPoMo, for making me decide what to write about in order to reach my goal.

Now, even though November doesn't start up until Thursday, I'm going ot start up the habit as of today. We'll just consider these first two days as the warm-up for the long haul, the first three miles of a half marathon, if you will :)

Since I have titled this post inspiration and I've all ready babbled on about why I'm writing, I'm going to take full advantage and make a list of a few things to inspire me on those days when I can't quite figure out what to type mindlessly about.

So let's see... a roll call of sorts may end up being the best way to handle this inspirational list. If the goal is partially finding inspiration from within, why not take accomplishments as well as plans and things on my mind and transform them into inspiration themselves.

Here's something you'll realize I love, and will more than likely make many times through this writing adventure, lists. Lists and I are pretty darn good friends. It's not even the feeling of accomplishment when getting to check something off of a list, it's more of a just  very basic way to get all the craziness out of my brain and onto paper. Or a screen. Or whatever. Really, anywhere is more organized than the space behind my eyes.

So, here's personal, potentially inspirational, subjects that may or may not come up later this month.
  • ran my first 1/2 marathon (yes, I said first... gonna do it again)
  • need to submit for list of theaters for auditions
  • need to submit for upcoming burlesque festivals
  • need to sit down and write out the book chapters I've been thinking of doing for, oh, ever
  • nanny stories, parts... well, have quite a few of them
  • running in general
  • singing
  • adult friendships/relationships
uh... that's about all I got right now, but I blame partly it on being distracted by Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Oh, 90s pop culture, you were so good.