February 27, 2012


So,  I had a longer absence than formerly planned, but I had good reasons, I promise!

And with that long absence, I've had quite a few inspirations as to what to write about. Now, the trick is getting them on paper, er, blog-er.

The primary cause for the lack in writing is our first big DIY project not only as a married couple (heck, as a couple in any capacity really, other than the dog house that we don't speak of...), but the first one that is for our home. Thanks to various points of inspiration, we finally took on the one room of our apartment that didn't get much attention in the design and decor department and gave it a little face-lift. It's oh-so-close to done and as soon as it is, that will have a (lengthy) post dedicated to it, pictures and all. I'm just so happy we did it finally and it's actually a room that I enjoy spending time in versus just having to use because it happens to be the home of the computer and my beloved purple couch.

Other factors that caused the elongated absence were
*jury duty
*helping with other people's work
*trying very hard to not get sick
and procrastination, let's not leave out the obvious.

Gotta love that this post is literally about nothing... well, at least it's something :)

And if it weren't past my bedtime, I'd happy jump right into one of the more interesting subjects listed, but mostly due to #5 on the list, I'm headed to sleepy town and will re-visit blogville in the morrow.

Yeah, definitely should be sleeping. G'night!

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