February 13, 2012

It's the Simple Things

I don't know about all of you out there in blogland, but I had a splendiforous weekend (and hope you did, too!). Why was it so amazing you may ask? Did we fly to the far reaches of the world, dine on exotic cuisine and rub elbows with celebrities? No. Did we do something far better? Yes, ladies and gents, we certainly did.

We saw a movie, then went to Starbucks and played Scrabble.

Ok, so maybe not necessarily the most exciting weekend events of all possible events, but I've come to simply love our nights like we had this weekend. Part of me feels like I'm disappointing my inner twenty-something party girl with how satisfied I am to sit in a cozy coffee house with my husband, sipping on my favorite drink, people watching, and trying (for once) to beat his ridiculously high scores, but she'll get over it. Or I'll just make it up to her at a later time where there won't be any photographic evidence of the night's escapades.

I just find it fascinating that there was a time (and not terribly long ago) where I had it firmly planted in my mind that we wouldn't become "that couple." We wouldn't be those people who stay in Friday nights or consider getting in at 10pm on a Saturday night late. That's right, you know the one I'm talking about. The one we all secretly dread becoming. The *gasp* boring couple.

Boring might as well be a four letter word condemned to the annoying *BLEEP* as it comes across the airwaves. One thing we all seem to attempt to avoid at all costs is the title of being boring. We want to be vivacious, exciting, out of the norm, and exceptional. What I've learned is what some people may see as boring is a break from the regular scheduled program to others. And sometimes the very simple things are the very best.

Why would I trade a hundred nights in a martini bar for one night sipping coffee while sitting across from my husband playing an ordinary board game? Because those few hours offer more than just seeing how many triple word scores we can reach and whether someone can break 300 points on the scorecard.

In the couple of hours we take to play a couple of games, we have the opportunity to learn things about the other we haven't yet had the chance to otherwise. Creating funny or racy words to cause a smirk or giggle from the other, questioning words that lead to conversations completely off subject and intriguing debates. It's quite amazing what an otherwise unsuspecting coffee date can do.

So, although I definitely won't snub my nose at a nice evening sipping cocktails while listening to a local jazz combo, some of my favorite date nights have been, and will continue to be, a simple game of words.

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