February 10, 2012


Ok, so this isn't really a legit post, but I felt compelled after writing the other day about not wanting to be too blingy on the fingertips.

Yesterday, while at the grocery  store with the little lady I nanny for we went down the aisle that had all the Valentine what-not you could want and lo and behold, she discovered the holy grail of little girl nail polish- pink and sparkly. So, we picked that up, along with the other things on the little list (we walked up with the oddest assortment of items) and proceeded back home to do a holiday-inspired manicure.

After that, I got the bug myself go to uber-girly on the tips, so I broke out yet another member of the OPI Muppet line and gave myself some dainty digits as well. So if you will "Excuse Moi!," here are the (not quite cleaned up) super sparklies for the upcoming love-filled holiday.

And because I love her so much, here's the not so thrilled puppy who happens to be just the black background I needed in order for my phone's camera to cooperate and get a slightly less blurry picture.

Looks thrilled, doesn't she? 

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